Engineering Services

Driven by a passion to grow and help its clients grow, Positive Insights provides an extensive range of services to meet every single requirement of its esteemed clientele. The Company believes in rendering top-notch results and unprecedented efficacy in all its solutions – be it Market Research, Insurance Services, Printing Press, Logistics, Telecom Services or Construction Services.

As an independent, success-oriented company in AFRICA, we promise a steady progressing journey to our business partners and endeavor to help them branch out in their respective envisions.

Our services also encompass:

Real Estate:

Since careful stewardship of assets holds prime significance in commercial real estate management, Positive Insights promise to provide the best in credibility and reliability to its partners – be it local or international. Our trained managers help our clients acquire an inclusive insight into their ownership goals and into the value of maximizing the real worth of their assets. Our large team of property managers, accountants, concept builders, contract administrators, and general service providers ensure the most profitable yet safety-oriented real estate opportunities for short term, medium term and long term plans.


In the spheres of civil engineering and architecture, construction is unremittingly the most vital facet. Positive Insights carefully understands such an exigency and prints your idea to real-life projection. We provide the best allied services for your construction – whether it is a small project or a mammoth one. Your needs will be catered to the best at Positive Insights. We help our clients realize their objectives and dreams through a very systematic, growth oriented, and reliable way of modus operandi. Our superior construction technology and avant garde methods further ensure more consistency and greater efficiency at truly affordable pricing structures.


Positive Insights provides the most trusted, most convenient telecom services to its clients – regardless of the size of the organization or the business. Our well-trained telecom service staff carefully assesses your telecom needs and subsequently renders the best solution possible. We, in fact ensure the top-most quality of our equipments and the most seamless installation of the same.

Whether your business needs telecom services as whole or feels a dearth of proper management of business telephone systems, we provide the best in everything. At Positive Insights, your business will rather get to experience everything – right from a small analogue system to a massively built up digital hybrid IP PBX system. We also render remote programming services to meet the maintenance needs of our clients.

Information Technology:

A strong IT strategy is always needed, particularly when business environments feel a dearth of higher productivity, faster results and enhanced flexibility. Our well-researched IT Services help our clients synchronize well with their strategic business initiatives and acquire improved efficacy in their operational tasks. Unlike most other IT Services, Positive Insights believes in getting under the skin of the concern – for a complete change in efficacy, productivity and authenticity. We help our clients strategize, develop and carry out their goals with optimal speed. We grow with our client’s growth – nothing has ever been hidden about this!